A powerful platform for e-commerce

What is Magento?

Magento is a very powerful and easily scalable freeware e-commerce platform that has a remarkably strong support of the Magento community and the Adobe umbrella organization. Magento is one of the most used freeware e-store platforms in the world.
 Magento was originally created for the needs of e-commerce companies in the USA – they required a platform that would offer maximum support to sales, and especially marketing. Since its launch in 2008, Magento has developed as a systematic whole into one of the most powerful and functional e-commerce software platforms on the market.

Who is Magento for?

Which e-store platform to choose?” is one of the most frequently asked questions in the world of e-commerce today.
Magento 2 suits best to e-commerce businesses to whom an e-store is a very important sales channel and who have the time and resources to devote to e-sales.
Magento performs especially well in situations where, for example, products can be combined according to their features, sales campaigns are run often, or, personalised pricing is used – situations/businesses who wish to create a customized Shopping experience/journey to different markets or client/customer groups.  

Why choose Magento?

Magento is a flexible sales platform created especially for e-commerce. It is simple to configure and tailor to special requirements. Magento features several necessary functionalities built in as default and has the capacity to handle a lot of pressure. It is easily scalable and has a comprehensive software architecture, which is also safe.

  • Capacity/speed and scalability

    Magento’s architecture supports both the needs of both small and very large e-stores, meaning that when your business is growing or has a seasonal demand, Magento is a great tool for you. Magento uses cache management system that ensures the quick displaying of the content.

  • Functionality

    Magento’s default functionality is extremely broad, covering almost all the needs of every e-commerce merchant.

  • Localisation for different markets and customization

    Magento stands out because of its capacity to massively broaden e-commerce across borders. Its default localization functionality helps manage several e-stores directed at different markets from one administration environment so that in every market, different content, payment and transport methods are shown.

  • Pricing

    Magento allows thorough and dynamic pricing. You can make pricing rules that are timed, take into account the different product features, and adjust themselves according to client groups and e-store views.

  • Integration with other information systems

    API is part of Magento’s software platform. It makes Magento easy to integrate information with different systems and ensure a fast, flawless and automated movement of the information.

  • Usability

    It is super easy to use Magento 2’s admin environment. It is simple and neat and offers administrators plenty of opportunity to comfortably manage an e-store. True that… Magento’s unique architecture and logic demands a bit of initial exploring but after having learnt the logic and principles of Magento’s architecture, you will become extremely productive.

    • SEO

As Magento is built for e-commerce, its functionality enables optimizing e-stores both for search engines (SEO), and social media platforms (SMO).

  • Security

    The Magento data model offers an extra flexible way to edit product cards and other content according to the client’s needs, without having to change the software code.

  • Flexibility in presenting content

    The Magento data model offers an extra flexible way to edit product cards and other content according to the client’s needs, without having to change the software code.

  • Freeware and has an open source code

    Magento Community version is freeware and can be used for free by all. Magento’s open source code allows the freedom to customize the software according to everyone’s business’ needs. It gives the user of the software the freedom to adjust the functionality of the software to match their own needs.

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