Karupoeg Puhh

E-business platform change

The Story of the Karupoeg Puhh toy shop

Karupoeg Puhh (Pooh the Bear in Estonian) is one of the biggest toy shops in Estonia with 12 shops nationwide. Karupoeg Puhh also has long-term e-commerce experience.

The partnership between Acty and Karupoeg Puhh started in 2009 when the first karupoegpuhh.ee e-shop was born (formerly named toys24.ee).


Karupoeg Puhh had been using the Prestashop e-shop platform for a while, but at one point, its functionality and efficiency could not meet the ambitions of the company.

Karupoeg Puhh wanted to improve the customer experience for their existing clients and launch international sales. They were looking for a reliable platform that would enable scaling.

Transferring a functioning e-business to a new platform is always more complex than creating a new solution for a company. An operating e-business already has its work processes in place and clients are used to a certain user experience from the webshop.

As the numbers of the company’s e-sales had been growing rapidly in recent years, we had a big challenge in ensuring that the sales volumes would not decline after launching the new e-shop.


First, we carefully analysed the clients’ behaviour on the previous website.
We determined from which channels the main conversions came from and which share did the organic traffic conversions had. In projects like this, where a functioning e-business is transferred to a new platform, a common mistake is that the relevant references for SEO are not redirected correctly. This may have a crucial effect on sales when the majority of the conversions come from organic searches.

We studied the clients’ profiles and built a design for the website. For creating a competitive edge, we focused on a unique design and excellent user experience.

In this project, we also introduced and implemented the Acty payment solution.

It was also clear that we had to automate the work processes. We also successfully integrated the payment system to the e-shop, which sometimes requires a more comprehensive analysis in the case of omnichannel brands.

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