Breden Kids

Case study: How the Breden Kids e-shop won the Digital Achievement Award

Who is Breden Kids?

Breden Kids is a family business that manufactures quality children’s clothing made and designed in Estonia. Their signature product is a patented hat-scarf loved by local parents and kids.

Breden Kids is inarguably the most beloved kids clothing brand in Estonia. Their lovely creatures have won the hearts of thousands of children and parents.  

Project Goals

The market for children’s clothing is vast and the competition is fierce: to win clients, one must stand out and act knowingly. Because the main sales channel for Breden Kids is their own webshop, they wanted to improve their clients’ user experience both on desktop and mobile devices.

Their previous e-shop was built on the OpenCart platform, which soon failed to fulfil its purpose; it wasn’t functional enough and did not match the company’s requirements. The e-shop was practically useless due to countless bugs and slow loading times – it took a couple of minutes just to load the page, which was extremely frustrating for a potential customer.


We helped Breden Kids define their business goals and future perspectives for their e-shop and came to the conclusion that the most suitable platform for building the Breden Kids e-shop was Magento.

We had a few different options to choose from; either use stable Magento 1 or to opt for a newly developed and bug-prone Magento 2.
Based on the company’s ambitious goals, we quickly decided to use Magento 2.

The decision was made against several experts’ advice to use the stable Magento 1 platform, the reason being that the client saw no point in investing in a software that had reached the end of its lifecycle.

The pros of Magento

Despite the fact that Magento is technically more complex than other platforms, it makes it very easy for the owner of a shop to manage and categorise products in the shop. The platform is designed specifically for e-shops and is flexible enough for adding personalised and unique-looking solutions, as every shop wants their appearance to match their values and uniqueness. Read more about the benefits of Magento here: https://www.acty.ee/magento  

Technical challenge

For us, the real challenge was that the Magento 2 platform had just been launched and the developers did not have much experience with it yet. We also had a haunting deadline: the goal was to open the shop in one month. Thanks to the excellent and easy adjustment of Magento 2, we were able to finish the project in 1.5 months, which is a very good result in the world of building complex solutions.

Since we chose the brand-new software with lots of bugs, we got to know every technical detail of Magento 2 and we can now say for sure that our team has the strongest Magento 2 technical competency in Estonia.

We also had a chance to create a unique payment solution for Magento. Based on measurable results, the solution also improved the client’s business results. For creating the payment solution, we used the VueJS Javascript framework.

Free your client from the unnecessary

Together with the agency, Trinidad Wiseman, user paths were analysed and mapped, on which a new solution was developed. Our data analysis showed that although many people found their way to Breden’s e-shop from Facebook, the purchasing process was often interrupted because of a bad user experience. Therefore, the building of a new e-shop was based on the need to free the client from unnecessary actions or from filling in too many forms – which is why most clients drop the purchasing plan. One of the target groups of Breden Kids is young mothers that usually have very little time on their hands, so the purchasing process had to be as quick and easy as possible also from a mobile device.

As you can see, in addition to easy management and visual appearance, we also focused on creating unique and personalised payment solutions. For example, a client can easily change the size or colour of the product before paying for the shopping cart or look at the campaign offers while entering minimal data in the process. It’s all quick and easy for the client.

The Breden Kids e-shop won the Digital Achievement Award of 2018 in the website development category.

If you’re selling quality products, your website must reflect this quality

Creating a new webshop really paid off for Breden Kids: the number of interrupted purchases dropped considerably, client satisfaction increased, and the client support workload decreased. The costs for marketing were also lower, thanks to the improved purchasing experience. The new e-shop matches the high-quality standard of Breden products, which is a crucial part of building and maintaining the good reputation of a brand. 

Client feedback

„Cooperation either gives or takes energy. With Acty, one definitely gains energy. In a development partner, it is crucial that the focus will be on what can be done and not what cannot be done. Acty also values communication and honesty. A client can really feel their sincere wish to help and give their best. This is what I value most in a partnership.”

Merle Leemet

Breden Kids

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