Bottega Verde

The story of Bottega Verde

Bottega Verde is an Italian family business with a 40-year history in producing natural cosmetics. Today, Bottega Verde has shops in over 80 countries worldwide. In Estonia, Bottega Verde has been represented by OÜ L´Dolcevita for over 15 years. The Bottega Verde shops are located in Rocca al Mare and Ülemiste Centre in Tallinn.

Project Goal

To be competitive in the cosmetic market, it was inevitable for L´Dolcevita to create a digital sales channel to complement the physical shops. The goal was to create a user-friendly e-shop that would represent the values of the Bottega Verde brand while being accessible and understandable for the Estonian consumer.


Through preparatory work, we found that the ultimate platform for building the Bottega Verde e-shop would be Magento 2. The functionalities and structure of Magento 2 are extremely capable: the management and categorisation of products are well thought through and it is possible to build more complex and personalised solutions on such a foundation.

The communication of different systems

While building the Bottega Verde webshop, we linked different databases to ensure fast, accurate, and automated information management. The product information is now regularly received on the e-shop database directly from the supplier by XML (data description language), therefore, the Estonian e-shop representative may easily make a suitable choice, translate product information and publish them on the webpage-shop.

As for payments, the Compucash system was linked to the e-shop and from there, the purchasing information moved to the accounting department. The integration of Compucash and Magento was perhaps the first integration ever of these programmes made in Estonia.

The customer’s comfort

The payment and ordering processes of the Bottega Verde e-shop have been carefully designed to ensure a quick and easy service for customers.

As a customised solution, we created a payment form where the client has to enter as little information as possible – to make a purchase, you only need to provide your name, telephone number and e-mail address. So, when shopping on the Bottega Verde e-shop, no lengthy data questionnaire is necessary (like in so many other e-stores).

To have the buyer focus on the shopping cart and payment process, the upper menu has been removed from the purchasing page. When creating an e-shop, the merchant also has to think about GDPR data requirements – how and by whom the client data will be stored and used. These aspects were discussed at the beginning of the process and implemented as agreed.

Client feedback

“We trusted Acty with our webshop development project since their work and communication style were transparent and clear from the very beginning. We highly value their flexibility, constructive approach, and efficient communication. In partnerships, what often really counts is the human aspect – it’s good to work together when you feel your cooperation partner’s genuine interest in the project.”

Ülla Sarapuu

L'Dolchevita OÜ

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