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Case study: How did & beauty move their business from SaaS to the Magento 2 platform

Who is & beauty?

It all started in 2008 when the Lumene brand was looking for an exclusive importer for Estonia, and MG Beauty was born. Soon after, beauty enthusiasts and professionals started to join the team.

MG Beauty is the sole representative of more than 20 different brands in Estonia, including Lumene, Dr Irena Eris, Lily Lolo, Cutrin, Tahe, Amika, Macadamia, Sachajuan, etc. 

Project Goal

MG Beauty operates in a fairly competitive market. Therefore, it is extremely important to offer clients the best online experience.

Unfortunately, this was not possible by using the existing SaaS e-shop platform since it lacked the functionalities needed for offering great customer service. Creating these functionalities would have been too time-consuming and expensive.

The goal of the MG Beauty project was to build an online channel that would be the best purchasing environment in the sector for both B2B and B2C clients.


The client had the option to choose between many different platforms and making a choice was difficult.
What made the project more challenging was that similar to the e-shop project, the company had decided to implement a new business software.

We helped the company map their needs and offered Magento 2 as the most suitable platform.

To build an automated information exchange, Magento 2 was integrated with the Directo business software.

A B2B client also appreciates a convenient purchasing experience

MG Beauty’s B2B clients are beauty professionals. Rather than using desktop devices in their beauty salons, they often use mobile devices. They need a good overview of the offered goods and must be able to place their order quickly and easily.

Therefore, we mainly focused on a convenient and simple purchasing process. For this, we also implemented the Acty payment solution.

Client feedback

“A sincere interest in growing the client’s business and reliable communication made it easy for us to choose Acty as a partner. Both these qualities and professionalism, thoroughness and respect have been maintained throughout the cooperation. In the team’s work culture, there is a passion for successfully implementing projects together and constantly developing. All these values ​​are the basis of good cooperation.”

Anete Advelk

Marketing manager, MG BEAUTY OÜ

Used technology