Supporting ambitious goals!

by Delivering Seamless Digital Experiences


STRIVING FOR EXCELLENCE – We discover and implement unused potential 
MEDIOCRITY IS NOT AN OPTION – setting goals and striving to achieve them
NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE – everything has a solution 

Our mission at Acty

To give people back their time

Less mundane work and more creativity

Building meaningful connections

Taking time to see, feel, and connect

To contribute to the development of society

Supporting professional and individual development

Bringing out people’s real potential

Promoting tolerance and kindness

To digitalise the Planet

Less paper

Less transport

Less exploitation of natural resources

Our core values

Technology can never be the goal – just the means.
We do not simply write the code; we’re constantly looking for new ways to improve people’s lives and create value for our clients, the community, and society at large.

  • We are obsessed with delivering only the most excellent results
  • Empathy – we care about the people who are influenced by our actions
  • Openness, honesty, and transparency – we create meaningful relationships
  • We value change and create innovation
  • We offer solutions, not excuses
  • We’re passionate about constant development – mediocrity is not a solution
  • As a team, we can create more
  • We take action and responsibility – everything is in your hands
  • We’re not too serious – life is fun