Case study: the digitalisation of the work process

The Story of Ramirent

RAMIRENT offers equipment rental for the construction and other industries. You can rent or buy hand tools, scaffolding, lifts, excavators, loaders, modules and containers, formworks, generators, and other construction equipment and tools. Ramirent also provides personal protective equipment and installation, transport, operations, design, and consultation services.

Ramirent Baltic AS is part of Ramirent Plc. The company has 45 rental stores in the Baltics, 15 of them in Estonia, and ca 3200 employees and 300 stores in Northern and Eastern-European countries. Ramirent Plc is part of the Loxam Group – the third largest construction equipment rental company in the world.

From time-consuming to efficient

In every Ramirent rental store, there are employees whose job is to provide and receive the rental equipment and tools.
Previously, the rental workers had to rely on paper processes that slowed down the service pace and was generally inconvenient for clients.

Solution – mobileApp (PWA) for the rental point staff

To save working hours and increase the quality of the customer experience through faster customer service, the working processes of the rental point staff had to be digitalised. It was clear that the rental point staff would not carry a laptop or even a tablet with them, therefore, the solutions had to be designed for smaller mobile devices.

This is why we created a mobile app for the rental store staff that enables them to initiate rental agreements quickly and find the necessary information about a client or a device by scanning a QR-code. With the app, they can also receive returned equipment and add the photos of returned equipment straight from their mobile device to the photo bank.

Thanks to PWA (Progressive Web Application) technology, creating mobile apps has become much quicker and more economical. PWA today is capable enough to interact with mobile hardware. Thanks to PWA, the design and possible future development of a solution is much quicker and cheaper than when using a native mobile app.

Used technology