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Privacy Policy and protection of personal data

Valid from: 28.05.2019

Acty OÜ is committed to protecting the privacy of customers and users. On this basis we have compiled the present privacy Policy principles concerning the collection, use, disclosure, transfer and storage of customer data. Our online activities are consistent with all relevant activities and relevant EU legislation and the laws of the Republic of Estonia.

These privacy terms apply when you use the online www.acty.ee. Using this online environment is considered your consent to this privacy policy.
Whose data does Acty OÜ process?
The controller of the www.acty.ee personal data is Acty OÜ, (Registry code 11117946) located in Glue 1, Tallinn.

Acty OÜ processes the data of its clients and contact persons who have expressed their wish to consume our services or have used our services in the past. If you use or have used any of the services, Web pages, or other information provided by Acty OÜ, these principles directly concern you.

In some cases, Acty OÜ processes personal data available from public sources.

Personal data shall include any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person who has been transmitted by a person. For example, name, phone number, mailing address, e-mail address. Also the information collected by the company Acty OÜ is included – website visits, different social media channels and the use of our services.

Purposes and legal bases for the processing of personal data
The personal data of acty OÜ clients, i.e. the users of the services, are processed in order to fulfill their contractual obligations. We use our customers ‘ personal data as well as information received from them to provide better service and more accurate information to existing (and potential) customers. The legal basis for the processing of collected personal data is our legitimate interest in ensuring that the service provided is correct and, where possible, better quality.

From the marketing channels of Acty OÜ (including website and social media), we collect data about the performance and usefulness of the channels. In addition, we collect data about the interests and purposes of potential customers to increase the level of their customer interactions, better understand the real interests and objectives of our customers, and provide higher quality services, more accurate information and to ensure (and improve) user-friendliness of the functionality of Acty OÜ website. The legal basis for the processing of personal data is our legitimate interest in understanding better the needs of our customers to ensure better service.

How does Acty OÜ collect personal data?
As a general rule, we collect personal data directly from the data subjects and with their consent (for example, by e-mail or by receiving feedback form). In addition, we use automated data collection tools, including cookies and other tracking tools, to optimise the user experience of our website and provide better services to our customers.

On the website we use cookies and Pixel labels, which are optional for each visitor of the website and can be refused.

A cookie is a small-scale text file that is sent to a Web server by a user to the browser and stored on the user’s computer’s hard drive and that allows you to remember the user’s preferences, such as font size, language of communication, device information, visitor statistics, and so on.

The pixel tag is a small website snipcountry that allows you to install and read cookies. Pixel labels start when a user opens an email message, for example, arrives at a website. It is then registered that the user has opened the email or the third-party cookies are downloaded.

We use the following cookies:
• Session cookies designed to allow the service to be used. Session cookies are temporary and disappear when you leave the Web page or close your browser. Session cookies may be used for certain website features, logins, and shopping cart.
• Persistent cookies, which aim to remember the customer’s choices in Acty OÜ websites. Persistent cookies may be used, for example, to recognize you as a recurring visitor of a website (for example, for the use of post marketing or remarketing functionality) and to customize the content of the website according to your needs or to gather statistical data.

Specifically, we use the following cookies:
• Analytical cookies that collect information about how the website is used. For example, which content pages are most visited or that visitors search for on a website. These cookies do not collect information to directly identify a user of a Web page. This includes, for example, Google analytics cookies.
• Advertising cookies that can be used to deliver ads targeted to the user’s interests. Facebook Pixel code is added to the www.acty.ee page and you can disable it if you do not want to see an ad for the Acty OÜ website anymore on Facebook. Go to https://www.facebook.com/ads/preferences and delete the “advertisers you’ve contacted” option, all of the home pages whose ad you don’t want to see in the future.

Cookie information is not used to identify you and your visitor statistics are under our control – this is not disclosed to a third party. These cookies are only used for the purpose specified herein.

Delete and disable cookies
The user has the right to refuse to save cookies on the computer. If desired, the user must change their browser settings. More information on this is found here: http://www.allaboutcookies.org/. When blocking cookies, the user must take into account that all website features may no longer be available to the user.

Acty OÜ processes The following personal data:
Contact information: name, mailing address, e-mail address, telephone number.

Data arising from the execution of the request, feedback, Customer agreement form, and sending of e-mail: company name, identification code/Registry code, VAT Registration No., legal address, customer preferences in connection with Acty OÜ Services, information provided in the feedback form, data provided in the query format, data sent by e-mail.

The data generated in the E-store for purchase or ordering: contact details, delivery address, bank account number and purchase history, interaction with customer support. The required personal data may include name, address, postal code, e-mail address, phone number, and other information.

Data that is automatically collected: Data from a user’s Web browser (such as the browser type), the type of device used, the language of the website (the inbound link that arrives at Acty OÜ homepage, the content pages the user looked at, how long the IP address of the user was, and any other such data on the website statistics.

Data collected by Acty OÜ by sending e-mails (newsletters): data about which messages, how much, and when and how the user opened.

Other personal data: information that you have made publicly available or available to us on third-party social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others.

Special categories of personal data Acty OÜ does not process.

Sharing of personal data
Acty OÜ does not transmit customer data outside the European (EU) Economic area and does not share personal data with third parties (except under the conditions set out in the following section). All data is used for customer interactions and product, service development purposes only. We may share personal data in the following cases:
• For the delivery of goods purchased from the e-store to our transport partner, which has contracted to keep the shared information confidential;
• Claiming debts;
• National supervision authorities and police;
• Public feedback with the consent of the customer.

Storage and security of your personal data
Acty OÜ may send customers information about services, offers and news if the customer has given us the contact details or agreed to receive information from us. The customer receives information as long as the customer requests the latest activities to be terminated or the newsletter recipients leave the group.

Personal data are stored on servers located in the territory of a Member State of the European Union or countries affiliated to the EEA. Data may be transferred to countries whose level of data protection has been evaluated by the European Commission as sufficient and for US companies that are joining the Privacy Shield framework.

Acty OÜ retains personal data for as long as necessary to achieve the purpose of the collection. The retention period also depends on the need to respond to requests from data subjects, to resolve different problems and to comply with the requirements for retention of statutory documents.

Personal data required for accounting is retained for seven years.

If the legislation does not require the storage of personal data and is not required by Acty, we will delete the personal data. In this case, we may use the personal data provided only for statistical purposes and only in anonymisated form.

On the security of personal data we strive to do everything possible to prevent unauthorised access to the data. Reasonable safeguards are in place to protect personal data collected and processed by Acty OÜ with technical and physical restrictions. We guarantee access to the data on the basis of existing legislation and protect the confidentiality of personal data at maximum.

Customer rights
The customer has the right to access the client’s personal data processed and stored by Acty OÜ and the right to demand correction of any inaccurations.

To opt out of the marketing notice received by Acty OÜ, the client must follow the opt-out instructions in the e-mail or send an e-mail.

Acty OÜ must observe several client rights: The customer has the right to demand that inaccurate personal data relating to him or her be corrected without delay. The client has the right to request deletion of his or her data if certain additional terms are met. The customer is also entitled to request the processing of his or her personal data.

If the processing of personal data is based on the consent of the customer, the customer’s right to withdraw that consent at any time.

If you have any questions about your rights or would like to apply one of the points below, please feel free to contact us (contact information at the bottom of the privacy policy). If the solution proposed by Acty OÜ is not satisfactory, you have the right to contact the Estonian Data Protection Inspectorate.

Other provisions
Acty OÜ may unilaterally modify the privacy policy of the website without prior notice in order to ensure that we comply with the laws and/or commonly accepted practices concerning cookies. The laws of the Republic of Estonia apply to this privacy policy.

If you have any questions regarding this privacy policy, please feel free to contact us at:
By e-mail: info@acty.ee
Visiting the site: www.acty.ee
Calling: + 372 688 199