Creating infosystems

Simplifying life

We will make software work for you

We have vast experience in solving business problems through information technology. Our motto is: “Information Technology is not a goal but a means to achieve your goals”

Analysis of your business needs

We will get to know your company, your business sector, and the needs of your clients. We will also help you set and phrase the goals for your e-shop.

The design of information systems

We’ll take care of the product and service design, as well as the design of the infosystem architecture, user experience (UX), and user interface (UI).

Software development

Writing the code for web-based information systems and installation, and the setting up of linked platforms.

Integration and automation

Your company may use different information systems during the different stages of business activity. We help to integrate them to ensure effortless processes. This will decrease the number of mistakes and enhance your work efficiency.

Information system development

We want to make sure that creating an information system will be as easy, simple, and clear for you as possible. This is why we’re always prepared to explain all the details of our work to you. We will work as a team and our clients can always express their ideas and know where and how the process is going.

In our work, we use agile development principles. Therefore, to deliver results and create value for our clients, we use the Scrum and Kanban project management methods, and often Scrumban in combination.

We have chosen Scrum and Kanban since our experience has repeatedly proven their strengths in the successful implementation of projects. Both methods help to focus only on what is most important (MVP) and to deliver value to clients faster and often.

The steps of project implementation


We will listen to your thoughts and help you form the main idea. Clearly phrased goals form the foundation for a successful project.

Analysis and planning

We will gather and systemise business needs and requirements in cooperation with the client, an analyst, and a software architect.

Prototyping and design

The design of user experience and creating a prototype.


As iterations: Using iterations: coding – testing – improving – coding, etc.


Training software users. Conducting end-user testing and the implementation of the software.

Support and follow-up maintenance

Training software users. Conducting end-user testing and the implementation of the software.


Our customers are pleased

“Cooperation either provides energy or takes energy. And collaborating with the ACTY team will provide energy. It is very important for the development partner that it focuses on how you can do things, not how you can. Also, communication and honesty is certainly an Acty mention worthy of the strengths. It is clear that their sincere desire to help and to do their best is discerned. I appreciate all this in a very highly cooperative way. “

Merle Leemet

Breden Kids

We have cooperated with the ACTY team by now 8 months, and all this time has been very productive. On the new Magento 2 platform e-shop we have received laivi in less than half a year, and we have continued web developments continuously. We are very pleased with the work of the ACTY project manager, we do weekly Skype meetings and so it is always clear.

Rainer Ploom

Fleksont AS

“We trusted the e-shop development project Actyle because their work style and interaction was understandable and transparent from the customer view since the first meeting. We appreciate their flexibility, constructive work style and information exchange. In terms of cooperation, it is always important to have a simple human dimension – it is good to work when you feel the sincere interest of the partner in the success of the project. “

Ülla Sarapuu

L ' Dolchevita LLC

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Ramirent PWA

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