e-Commerce Development

We analyse business needs, create technical solutions and connect important information systems.

We make buying your customers easy.

We offer a full solution for developing e-commerce. We take all the work in our care, from mapping the business needs to the aftercare. We want you to make an online store easy and hassle-free – we have the skills and long experience to create effective e-commerce solutions.



We will be acquainted with your business and the needs of your customers. We help to erect and formulate the goals that the E-store you create must fulfill.

Design (UX/UI)

We design an e-shop user experience (UX). We create a user-friendly e-shop structure using prototypes. We then create a visual theme (UI) for the e-store.

Development and Setup

We perform installation, setup and development of the e-store, and the creation of additional modules for Magento and WooCommerce platforms.

Interfacing and automation

We integrate company information systems into one whole to ensure the automatic flow of information between e-shop, logistics and accounting software.


The E-channel will make successful its customers. With digital marketing, we bring your potential customers to your page.

Post-Support and growth programme

Everything that moves it takes. Every functioning business needs support and a partner who helps them grow. We offer both daily maintenance and ideas for growing e-commerce.

Want support when you start or grow your e-commerce?

Get in touch and help fulfill your ambitious goals.

Aldar Reinberk/Digistrateeg
aldar@acty.ee or 52 10 747 52 10 747 

Why clients choose Acty? 

Business Overview

 We ask questions and make clear the specifics of your business to understand the best ways to harness the opportunities of e-commerce for your benefit.

Our competence is not limited to creating technical and visual solutions.

We think about you and help you find solutions that will bring you benefits.

A dedicated and experienced team

Your ACTY team is committed to the realisation of the project’s objectives. We adhere to agile and flexible thinking and keep you regularly informed about the project.

The ACTY team has created over 50 different e-commerce solutions, including both small e-commerce and large-scale e-commerce solution.

Lasting and effective cooperation

We value cooperative relationships based on trust and openness that persist. In the project we create a single team with you to act on a common goal.

We want the creation of the e-shop to be as simple, painless and transparent as possible.

We measure our performance based on your project performance.

Feedback from Customers

“Cooperation either provides energy or takes energy. And collaborating with the ACTY team will provide energy. It is very important for the development partner that it focuses on how you can do things, not how you can. Also, communication and honesty is certainly an Acty mention worthy of the strengths. It is clear that their sincere desire to help and to do their best is discerned. I appreciate all this in a very highly cooperative way. “
Merle Leemet

Breden Kids

“We trusted the e-shop development project Actyle because their work style and interaction was understandable and transparent from the customer view since the first meeting. We appreciate their flexibility, constructive work style and information exchange. In terms of cooperation, it is always important to have a simple human dimension – it is good to work when you feel the sincere interest of the partner in the success of the project. “
Ülla Sarapuu

L ' Dolchevita LLC

Sincere interest in customer business cultivation and reliable communication made us Acty as a partner choice easy.
Both these qualities and professionalism, thority, and respect are preserved throughout the cooperation. The team’s culture
To successfully implement the projects together and to develop continuously. All of these values are good for cooperation
Anete Advelk

Marketing Manager, MG Beauty

We have cooperated with the ACTY team by now 2 years and all this time has been very productive. On the new Magento 2 platform e-shop we have received laivi in less than half a year, and we have continued web developments continuously. We are very pleased with the work of the ACTY project manager, we do weekly Skype meetings and so it is always clear.
Rainer Ploom

Fleksont AS